Welcome to YSTactical!

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Welcome to YSTactical!

Post by Admin on Fri May 19, 2017 3:53 pm

YSTactical is an alternative to YSFlight HeadQuarters, started as a joint project by Zyreax "Zy" Playz, and Nodoka "Nikki" Hanamura, to relieve our squadrons from YSFlight HeadQuarters, which had strong opinions towards our squadrons and the NUNIMF alliance. Our main goal here at YSTactical is to bring international members of the YSFlight Military Community to a new, smaller, and dimmed forum. We welcome in any user of YSFlight, but we do have rules to avoid our community getting out of hand. They are as follows.
1.) YSTactical is not strictly for members of NUNIMF squadrons, but it should be understood that they have more of a presence here.
2.) YSTactical is an alternative to YSFlight HeadQuarters, not a subsidiary or sponsor of the later entity.
3.) YSTactical welcomes members from around the world, but it is suggested that you have a decent understanding of English.
4.) YSTactical welcomes members ages 13 and older.
5.) YSTactical is mostly for members of the combat community, but a civilian presence will be observed.
YSTactical operates a Discord. Members of the YSTactical Community should join. https://discord.gg/qZPBtsU
Thank you,
The YSTactical Team

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